Year 3 - Centaurs

Welcome to Centaurs

We are Mrs Ross and Mrs Mossop and we are extremely proud to be the class teachers of Centaur Class (year 3). Throughout the week we are lucky to have Mrs Webster supporting us with our learning. In Centaur class we work together as a team, always try our hardest and look after each other.

We have the same 3 rules throughout the school which makes it easy for us to follow them. They are: “Keep safe, Use your Values and Be the best that you can be" We learn about and practice these rules every day.

Our Daily Routine

Every day in Centaur class we have Maths and English, as well as daily reading, spellings and times table practice. Each morning we also take part in guided reading to learn and develop our English skills. We spend 15 minutes reading to ourselves daily which we all really enjoy! We often have fitness breaks in between lessons to refresh our minds and get our bodies moving. Throughout the year we get to learn about lots exciting things including the Stone Age which links to our science theme of Rocks. This leads into learning
about the Romans and making our own volcanoes. In the Spring term we learn all about Europe where we explore a variety of different European artists. Finally, in the Summer term we find out all about WW2 which is one of our favourite parts of the year.
Key skills are important

Each day in Year 3 we practice our key skills for learning. These are reading, spellings and times tables. We have the opportunity to learn and practice these skills independently, in groups and through fun activities.
We believe in the power of a Growth mindset

We learn that making mistakes is key to our resilience and helps us grow and creates a love of learning that is essential for great accomplishment. In year 3 we see challenges as opportunities to grow and improve our abilities by pushing ourselves.
Our Year Ahead

The trip we really enjoy in the summer is our visit to RAF Hendon, where we are given the opportunity to see what life would have been like for school children during WW2 as well as experiencing an air raid. We also learn about all the different air crafts the museum is home to.
How we keep our bodies and mind fit and healthy

Throughout the year we get to try lots of different sports including netball, hockey, yoga and cricket. When the weather is lovely and warm we get to enjoy our swimming pool. We learn how to keep our bodies healthy and why it is important, which links back to our science theme of animals including humans. Every day after lunch, we engage in some mindfulness activities to refocus our minds.