Shillington and Stondon Lower are Values school. We believe that values underpin everything we do at our school and they create a solid foundation for our children to live in society. We follow a ‘Values Based Education’ programme where the children reflect and act on a different key value every month. This means we have a published set of values that we work on throughout the year. Each month, a different value takes a central focus and all classes have lessons, assemblies and awards based around these values.

Values forms the basis of everything we do in school. It underpins our ethos, vision, policies and practice. Adults consistently model excellent values towards each other and towards the children. Children (and adults!) enjoy the fact that they can be nominated for a values award at any point in the week and by any member of staff, parent, Governor or visitor.

Values for 2021-2022

September 2021- Respect
October 2021-  Cooperation and Unity
November 2021- Forgiveness
December 2021- Thoughtfulness and Understanding
January 2022- Self Belief
February 2022- Appreciation and Gratitude
March 2022- Kindness
April 2022- Courage
May 2022- Patience
June 2022- Honesty and Integrity
July 2022- Freedom