Year 2 - Dragons

Welcome to Dragons!

Hello, I’m Miss Gradwell and I’m very happy to be the teacher of Dragon Class. We are very lucky to have the fabulous Mrs Woodward and Ms Hare who supports us with our learning. Year 2 is all about enthusiasm for learning and developing independence. In Year 2 we put 100% effort into our learning and have lots of fun while doing so. We have the same 3 rules throughout the school which makes it easy for us to follow them. They are: Keep safe, Use your Values and Be the best that you can be” We learn about and practice these rules every day.

Our Daily Routine
Every day in Year 2 we have Maths, English and spelling lessons, as well as reading activities. Every week we have Guided Reading, where we read in groups, and enjoy discussing what we have read. We also get to play phonics games during Guided Reading to improve our reading and spelling! We also learn about History, Geography, RE and PE. On Monday afternoons we have Art and Design Technology with Mrs Webster. 
Key skills are important

In Year 2 we practice our key skills every day, through daily reading, spelling and mental maths lessons.  We have the opportunity to learn and practice these skills independently, in groups and through fun practical activities.
We believe in the power of a Growth mindset
Growth Mindset is very important to us in Year 2. We work hard to feel comfortable with making mistakes, and using these to further our learning. We also develop an understanding that we are responsible for our own learning.
Our Year Ahead

In May, Year 2 take part in SATs, these consist of two maths tests and two reading tests. The children’s final assessments are based on their learning throughout the whole year, not just the SATs.
How we keep our bodies and mind fit and healthy

Each week we have two PE lessons during which we learn lots of different skills, as well as how to keep our bodies healthy through diet and exercise. We take part in a daily fitness session, either outside on in our classroom. Sometimes we link our fitness to maths, counting while we exercise!  Every day after lunch we have mindfulness time, this help us to relax ready for the afternoon lessons.