History at Stondon Lower
Through the History curriculum at Stondon Lower School, we try to inspire an inquisitive nature about the past within our children.  We aim to develop an understanding of British History as well as key historical events from around the world.  We help to develop the children's understanding of chronology and a deeper understanding of the time periods studied.  We study the local area and how this has changed over time.  The children are given opportunities to examine, interpret and evaluate a range of sources in order to make deductions about the past.  We encourage children to think critically about the past and ask historical questions.  We compare aspects of life now to how people lived in the past.  Within the History curriculum we cover British values by looking at themes of Tolerance, Mutual Respect and Individual Liberty .  We have themed days to help inspire enthusiasm in the children for example through immersive Egyptian and Roman days and Remembrance celebrations.  Through our curriculum we hope to inspire curiosity about the past and a passion for the subject of History.