Physical Education

Physical Education at Stondon Lower School



We believe that our PE curriculum should inspire all children to reach their full potential in competitive and physically-demanding sports and activities.  We use our school values to deliver high quality learning that meet the needs of all children – diminishing barriers to learning where needed and making reasonable adjustments. We believe that children should develop skills in collaboration, physical literacy, problem solving as well as an ability to work independently, becoming overall mentally healthy and resilient individuals. In particular, our Physical Education curriculum should allow all children to develop their skills in agility, balance and coordination, within their ability, and apply these skills to game based activities. Whilst learning the variety of skills required, our aim is for children to enjoy, excel and challenge themselves to greater heights and feel confident when taking part in sport. Our fundamental belief, for all children, is to understand the importance of living an active and healthy lifestyle.



We believe it will be successful because, our carefully designed PE programme is designed to include a variety of sports, all children are encouraged to develop confidence, tolerance and appreciation of their and others’ strengths and weaknesses. The pupils participate in high quality PE lessons covering a range of sporting activities, which differ each half term.  As well as a class-teacher led, PE session each week, every class takes part in a one-hour lesson led by an external, PE provider, Premier Sports. Through these sessions children at Stondon Lower School have the benefit of experiencing an even wider range of sports, with a PE specialist. Additionally, we provide opportunities for children to engage in sporting activities, through clubs. Daily fitness is incorporated into the day each class’ routine, to build children’s fitness, enjoyment of sport and overall well-being. Through PE lessons the following strategies are implemented to support children to learn and progress:

  • Exploration of equipment and outdoor areas
  • Independent and team work
  • Modelling to demonstrate key skills – teacher and child led
  • Opportunities to perform new skills
  • Self and peer assessment
  • Challenges to develop deeper understanding and application of skills

It is through the application of these strategies and our range of PE coverage that we ensure success in our PE curriculum.


Children will experience a broad range of sporting activities encouraging greater confidence to try new activities and an openness to new ideas. Children will learn to work as part of a team, developing key skills in co-operation. Children will learn observational skills, as they observe peers, and the confidence to share those observations with others. Additionally, they will develop the resilience to listen to others constructive observations and an ability to identify their next steps in learning. Throughout PE lessons children will developing greater depth skills. They will not only learn foundational PE skills, but develop an ability to transfer these skills into other aspects of their life, adapting the values they learn in sport and applying them in everyday life, supporting them to become the best that they can be.