Safeguarding at Shillington and Stondon Lower

At Shillington and Stondon Lower we are committed to safeguarding all children. The person responsible for child protection (called the Designated safeguarding lead/person DSL/DSP) is Mrs Kerry Young at Shillington Lower- Head of school and Mrs Ciara Dumpleton at Stondon Lower- Head of school. The key aspects of the role are: 


  • Making sure all staff are aware how to raise safeguarding concerns 

  • Ensuring all staff understand the signs of child abuse and neglect 

  • Referring any concerns to social care 

  • Monitoring children who are the subject of child protection plans 

  • Maintaining accurate and secure child protection records. 


We follow the guidance called Keeping Children Safe in Education.  This document can be found below in the link below. 


We work closely with all relevant professionals sharing information where necessary to safeguard children 

Should any Parent /Carer have any concerns about a child then please contact The Designated Safeguarding Lead via the office. In their absence please contact the Deputy Safeguarding Lead. 


Designated Safeguarding Lead- Sarah Woodham (Shillington) or Ciara Dumpleton (Stondon). 

Deputy Safeguarding Lead- Nicky Foxall (Shillington) or Sarah Woodham (Stondon). 

Mrs Katie Brettell is our safeguarding governor. 


Or contact:

  • The local social care children’s team during office hours (8:45 am to 5:20 pm Monday to Thursday, 8:45 am to 4:20 pm Friday) - Central Bedfordshire Council - 0300 300 8585. 
  • If you urgently need help outside office hours you can contact Bedfordshire Social Care on 0870 2385465 / 0300 300 8123. 
  • Bedfordshire Police Child Abuse Investigation Unit - 01234 846960. 
  • NSPCC 0808 800 50