Reception - Robins

Ms HeeYun Chung

Reception Teacher

Welcome to Robins Class!
In Robins there are four adults who work with the children. Ms Hee Yun Chung is the class teacher and Mrs Claire Davies a nursery nurse. Mrs Vye and Miss Fox also support in Robins as 1:1 teaching assistants. Our Early Years Team firmly believes that children learn through ‘play’. Our aim is to provide children with a safe and stimulating environment that enables them to maximise their learning. In Robins children are allowed to make errors, decisions and choices. Based on these principles we help the children to become autonomous learners. We have the same 3 rules throughout the school which makes it easy for us to follow them. They are: Keep safe; Use your Values and Be the best that you can be. We learn about and practice these rules every day.

Our Daily Routine
Robins’ typical day starts with ‘Busy Fingers’ which helps children develop their fine motor skills. Children love picking gems up in the rice tray, putting pipe cleaners into holes on a colander and putting marbles into a clear empty bottle which helps them develop their skills. We have Literacy, Maths and Phonics lessons four days a week and also two P.E. lessons, which are very popular. Literacy activities are based on well-known stories. Children learn about stories through fun activities such as creating a story map andretelling/performing them in front of the whole class. Through these activities children develop confidence and self-esteem as well. Our Story Telling Corner provides children with resources that enable them to develop their imagination and thinking skills. These skills are the foundation of the children’s story creating ability. In the Maths Investigation Area children have access to a range of different resources that stimulate their natural curiosity and solving problems. Children are allowed to freely choose their own activities throughout the inside and outdoor provisions. Children love making mud pies by mixing leaves, soil and pebbles in the mud kitchen and enjoy digging on top of the mound in the small field. They also love weeding and watering our vegetable garden.
We believe in the power of a Growth mindset

In Robins we think differently. We believe that we can get better at something through practising and perseverance, so when we come across a challenge we become more determined to succeed and wanting to overcome knock-backs. As the Early Year Team we set high expectations for children and encourage them to be resilient and not give up. Children see a challenge as a sign of learning.
How we keep our bodies and mind fit and healthy

The P.E. sessions take place on Tuesdays. Children come to school in their P.E. kit on those days. All children are expected to wear t-shirt, black tracksuit and hooded jacket. They also wear comfortable trainers for the lessons. During P.E lessons children learn a range of different movements and also learn how to use various P.E. equipment e.g. balls, hoops, rackets, beanbags and cones. All the activities are fun base so that children can learn new skills through pleasure. Children are also allowed to use outdoor facilities such as climbing equipment, bikes, scooters and open field throughout their free choosing time. All these activities enable children to keep their bodies healthy.