School Council

What is the school council?

The school council is made up of councillors from each year group who represent the voice of their fellow classmates. They work hard to make improvements around the school and to support the school charity that has been chosen that year. They meet every two weeks and often help to run charity events and help out at the school summer fayre.


Who are the school councillors?

The school council is made up of two representatives from years 1-3 and 4 representatives from year 4. The year 4 councillors take on the roles of chairperson, vice-chairperson, secretary and treasurer. Those who would like to run for school council, prepare a speech to present to their class and then the class votes for who they would like to represent them. The councillors will report back to their class about discussions that have happened in the meeting. They will also take their classes’ ideas back to the school council for discussion.


Our School Council Projects

This year, the school council have decided upon a fantastic project to work on throughout the year. There is an area nestled in between Reception, KS2 corridor and the toilets known as the secret garden. This area has been neglected for some time and the school council are working hard to transform it into an area to encourage biodiversity and pollinators to the area. It is also hoped that this area will be used by pupils to study wildlife and to relax and read in small groups.


During our clearing of weeds, we discovered that the pond has two goldfish! The pond was moved to the secret garden before the Key stage 1 extension was built in 2011. We think that the goldfish were donated by a local family and have been there for approximately 5-6 years! Now that we have discovered them, we are making sure that they are being fed regularly. The children have named the fish Goldie and Bubbles. We are hoping to introduce new plants to the pond and possibly more fish!


We will be taking a trip to Savin’s garden centre to purchase bee friendly plants and make some bee homes later in the year.