Safeguarding in practice

We actively undertake our safeguarding commitment in a number of practical ways – these include: 


Our staff 

  • are DBS checked as part of the recruitment procedures in place 

  • are made aware of our safeguarding policies and procedures during their induction 

  • attend safeguarding training throughout each year, incorporating updates 

  • record incidents and actions on our electronic system, which are shared with safeguarding leads. 

  •  Safeguarding and attendance meetings help leaders identify any children/families who may require additional support 


  • actively engage with a PSHE and RSE curriculum that teaches them how to look after themselves and to keep safe 

  • know of safe adults, beyond the family, to confide in at times of distress or danger.  

  • are taught online safety as part of the computing curriculum 

  • attendance is monitored and unexplained absences are followed up the same day by phone calls 

  • have information around them to offer support through posters and displays 


  • are encouraged to share any concerns with school and know how they can report these concerns. We utilise SeeSaw, to enable parents to communicate with staff at all times 

  • are aware of our school safeguarding policies and have access to these on our website 

  • are aware that we are an Operation Encompass school and can offer support 

  • are offered an Early Help approach to gain maximum support as soon as possible 

  • are offered Wellbeing advice and links to useful websites to support their own children 

  • are offered support with e-safety  

  • are given advice and support following annual review meetings 


  • Receive appropriate training and a Lead Safeguarding Governor has regular meetings with Safeguarding Leads in school to ensure policies, procedures and systems are compliant.