Vision & Aims

The Shillington & Stondon Federation
Our Vision

“Value everyone, Value every chance, Value everyday”

  • We will provide a broad and balanced curriculum rich in key skills and experiences which develops each child as an independent learner
  • We will create a happy, safe and stimulating learning environment where the children feel safe, nurtured and are inspired to achieve their potential
  • We will be an outward facing school drawing from the valuable knowledge, experience and life skills from our stakeholders, local community and from our environment
  • We will teach children the importance of using and showing values and applying these in all aspects of their life
  • We are welcoming without exception, we take pride in similarities and differences, whatever they are
  • We will empower our children to be curious, adventurous, innovative, independent learners who are ambitious for themselves and each other. We want them to maximise every opportunity, overcome challenges and fulfill their potential as responsible citizens
  • We will provide a balanced framework of academic and holistic support to create and nurture the physical and emotional wellbeing of everyone.